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Industrial Computing for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare globally is under more pressure than ever from resource and labour shortages. Technology can bridge that gap to provide efficiency and organisation improvements. This helps to mitigate lower human resource availability.

Medical electronic equipment falls into one of two categories, the first doesn’t require formal compliance to EN-60601 for similar but regardless, must be built to be suitable for that hygiene conscious environment. The second, particularly for applications that are actively supporting life or recovery, absolutely must be certified formally to such a standard.

We cater to both, providing systems built for hygienic environments and those certified to the highest medical standards. This commitment to quality and safety ensures that our technology not only meets but exceeds the demanding needs of modern healthcare, offering reliability where it matters most.

High-Grade Computing in Healthcare Settings

In healthcare, our Panel PCs/HMIs offer configurable stainless steel systems for medical professionals, robust Industrial PCs ensure reliable computing in clean conditions, and our Industrial Displays facilitate effective monitoring and control. These technologies are designed to enhance efficiency and precision in medical environments.

Unmatched Reliability in Industrial Computing

In industrial computing applications, long-term reliability is essential. Whether for mission-critical tasks or not, any failure can halt production and erase the efficiency benefits. Our systems, built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, come with a unique 5-year warranty, guaranteeing exceptional durability and reliability. This commitment ensures our systems consistently deliver performance and dependability.

Critical considerations in systems for medical use include.


When selecting non-certified systems for medical use, it's crucial to assess their suitability in every aspect. This includes evaluating their functional and physical characteristics, along with reliability and longevity. Ensuring these systems are fit for purpose is key to their effective implementation in healthcare settings.


For certified systems in medical environments, it's imperative to verify that they possess all necessary certifications. Lack of proper certification not only compromises system integrity but also poses a serious liability risk. Ensuring full compliance is essential to safeguard against potential issues in medical applications.

Client Testimonials

DSL’s exceptional client feedback stems from our commitment to quality, innovation, and tailored customer service. Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure the right industrial computing solutions are provided. Ensuring they meet specific client needs. We prioritise effective communication and support, fostering lasting relationships by delivering consistently high-quality and timely products.

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“ We’ve worked with DSL for over 20 years and they’ve managed the manufacture of two key complex PCB assemblies of ours for a number of years now. Even during the particularly tumultuous times of the global component crisis, they’ve always managed to find a way to deliver what we needed and when we needed it ”
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