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Computing Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

In food and beverage production, the need for robust and durable technology is paramount. Our range of industrial computers and panel PCs is specifically tailored to withstand the rigorous requirements of this sector.

These systems are engineered to cope with challenging environments, where factors like extreme temperatures and stringent hygiene standards are the norm. Each unit is designed with anti-bacterial properties, corrosion resistance, and vandal-proof features, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards of food production environments.

By incorporating our computing solutions, businesses in the food and beverage industry can enhance their production efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and operational reliability.

Designed for Food Safety Compliance

Our systems are crafted to meet the stringent safety standards of the food and beverage industry. Understanding the critical importance of hygiene in this sector, we employ complete stainless steel construction and design our systems to be free of any crevices where contaminants could lodge. This attention to detail makes our systems a trusted choice among major food manufacturers, ensuring compliance with food safety requirements while maintaining operational efficiency.

Panel PCs for the Food & Beverage Industry

Our solutions for the food and beverage industry include highly configurable Panel PCs/HMIs, providing efficient human interfaces for factory automation. Our extensive range of Industrial Displays offers seamless monitoring and control capabilities. All systems are encased in 304 or 316L stainless steel, ensuring contamination prevention with food-grade materials.


Key Issues for Food and Beverage Sector

Addressing key concerns in the food and beverage industry, we provide 304 or 316 grade anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion products built to endure. Our technology is designed for frequent, thorough cleaning and tough treatment, ensuring safety and hygiene.


Our products boast an IP69K rating, the highest level of waterproofing, making them ideal for rigorous cleaning regimes in the food sector. Additionally, they are certified with EN1672-2 on FABS-products, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of food safety. This combination of features makes our systems uniquely suited for maintaining hygiene standards in food processing environments.


The design of our systems prioritizes ease of cleaning. They feature completely flush and flat surfaces, preventing contaminants or food particles from getting trapped. Additionally, our touchscreen displays include an on/off button to facilitate thorough cleaning without accidentally activating any functions. This thoughtful design ensures that our systems can be maintained in a pristine state, essential for food safety compliance.

Client Testimonials

DSL’s exceptional client feedback stems from our commitment to quality, innovation, and tailored customer service. Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure the right industrial computing solutions are provided. Ensuring they meet specific client needs. We prioritise effective communication and support, fostering lasting relationships by delivering consistently high-quality and timely products.

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“ We’ve worked with DSL for over 20 years and they’ve managed the manufacture of two key complex PCB assemblies of ours for a number of years now. Even during the particularly tumultuous times of the global component crisis, they’ve always managed to find a way to deliver what we needed and when we needed it ”
Brightwell Systems Ltd

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