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The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a diverse spectrum of technologies to various sectors. At DSL, we view it as a methodology for implementing highly connected electronic technology.

This allows for functionalities ranging from periodic remote sensor readings to dynamic, real-time data analysis. IoT solutions are fundamentally about enhanced connectivity. Our expertise in this domain extends back decades, long before the term IoT became mainstream.

We have been pioneers in integrating IoT capabilities into practical applications, ensuring seamless, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions. With our deep understanding of IoT technology, we empower systems to be more than just interconnected – they become intelligent components of a larger, responsive network.

Enhancing IoT with Industrial Computing Systems

DSL’s IoT solutions include Panel PCs/HMIs for effective user interaction in IoT deployments, durable Industrial PCs for handling sensor inputs and local analytics, and highly connected IoT Gateways to empower edge sensors. These technologies play a pivotal role in optimising IoT infrastructures, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.

Industry 4.0 and IoT

IoT was really first introduced solely as a consumer technology, enabling scores of ‘smart’ devices. These devices were installed in our homes with the ability to automate anything from our security systems, heating through to automatically moving curtains.

This methodology of making every device ‘smart’ and ‘connected’ is even more powerful in industry, where for so long machinery and devices operated in relative isolation.

IoT in Remote Applications.

IoT comes into its own in remote applications where there’s no local power source. Battery driven IoT devices, running on low power cellular connections like Narrowband IoT, can run for years on a single charge.

Off-the-shelf IoT

IoT solutions can be set up entirely off-the-shelf, with a vast array of sensors, gateways and cloud services now available ready-to-run. These are great for proof-of-concepts and low quantity deployments but the downside is that per unit pricing may become prohibitive. This is especially true if you’re planning a large scale deployment.


The true potential of IoT is fully realised when solutions are custom-built for specific applications. At DSL, our in-house design engineers excel in developing bespoke IoT solutions. If you're looking for a solution that fits your exact requirements, just talk to us. We're here to show you how we can make your unique IoT vision a reality, with simplicity and effectiveness at its core.

Client Testimonials

DSL’s exceptional client feedback stems from our commitment to quality, innovation, and tailored customer service. Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure the right industrial computing solutions are provided. Ensuring they meet specific client needs. We prioritise effective communication and support, fostering lasting relationships by delivering consistently high-quality and timely products.

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“ We’ve worked with DSL for over 20 years and they’ve managed the manufacture of two key complex PCB assemblies of ours for a number of years now. Even during the particularly tumultuous times of the global component crisis, they’ve always managed to find a way to deliver what we needed and when we needed it ”
Brightwell Systems Ltd

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