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What is an x86 CPU? – IoT Design Support

An x86 CPU has been the cornerstone of personal computing since 1978, with the introduction of the original 8086 from Intel, a 16bit extension of Intel’s previous 8bit 8080

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What is a SoM/CoM? – IoT Design Support

Introduction System-on-Module (SoM) technology is becoming increasingly popular for embedded systems development. A core module with processor, memory and I/O is used with a baseboard that

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What is an Industrial PC? – IoT Support

Introduction An Industrial PC is an x86 PC-Based computing platform that is purpose built for industrial applications.  There are a variety of enclosures available today, such as wall

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What is an Embedded OS? – Design Support

Introduction An embedded operating system is an operating system for embedded computer systems. These operating systems are designed to be compact, efficient at resource usage, and

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What is an Industrial Display? – Electronic Support

Introduction An Industrial Display is a LCD that is mounted within an industrial grade, robust, chassis, with components selected throughout to withstand harsh industrial environments.

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What is an SBC? – Electronic Design Support

Introduction An SBC (Single Board Computer) is essentially self-explanatory. An entire computer contained within a single PCB. As embedded computing systems are designed to be compact, the

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What is a Panel PC? – IoT Design Support

Introduction A Panel PC is the combination of both an Industrial Display and Industrial PC, creating an all in one, fully integrated solution. Advantages Panel PCs simplify installations

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