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Stainless Steel Panel PCs for the Food Industry

DSL is delighted to introduce the ViTAM series of stainless steel panel PCs. These are especially beneficial in food industry environments, where exacting levels of hygiene are required.

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IP69K for the Food and Drink Industry

What is IP69K? The IEC IP rating stands for International Protection rating or Ingress Protection rating. It specifies how effective sealing is

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What is a Panel PC?

A panel PC is a rugged, all-in-one touchscreen computer which is designed for an industrial environment. They are easy to install and can cope with a wide range of conditions in industrial

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New: MSI Semi-rugged tablet

Stuck with wanting to use a Panel PC but need mobility? Look no further… DSL are pleased to announce their new agreement with motherboard behemoths MSi to bring their range of industrial

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Customisation on our Entire Product Range We offer flexible customisation options across our entire product range to offer the benefits of bespoke design, without the prohibitive design

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embedded industrial PC

Embedded PCs for Harsh Environments

An embedded PC is a specialised computer system that combines hardware and software and is designed to perform a very specific function. The hardware is specially designed to withstand the

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What is a Replacement for AMD LX800?

Introduction Whilst the end of life (EOL) date for the AMD LX800 has again recently been pushed back, the time will approach when the end of life will be announced, though worryingly to

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