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Sports Timing Solutions : Automation & Control

Sports Timing Solutions : Automation & ControlSpeed and dexterity were key factors for DSL’s customer Sports Timing Solutions, approaching us for an application that demanded recording of live results and splits in real time at sporting events across the UK.

For this request, both DSL and Sports Timing Solutions concluded the light and durable PMX-057T the solution. Just like the performance from an athlete is critical to either winning or losing a race, the same can be said about the product, performing to its peak without impacting reliability.

Peak performance was exactly what DSL offered when creating a streamlined XPe image, allowing the software Sports Timing Solutions used, to perform to its best. It was no surprise that this budget friendly 5.7″ Panel PC was first across the finish line in meeting the needs of this customer, resulting in accurate details being recorded for each and every event.

Sports Timing Solutions remain pleased with how DSL responded to their application requirement with reliability and performance.

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