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Gemini Tec : Electronics Manufacturing


DSL were approached by GeminiTec, a high complexity and fast turnaround CEMS who DSL regularly utilise – so the remit was mutually beneficial.


Our client wished to computerise their production management, achieving the benefits most relevant to them detailed in our recent analysis of what can be achieved.

  1. Simplify process and improve accuracy of task clocking in/out times and accessing ERP manufacturing software.
  2. Supporting barcode scanners to automatically log production tasks via route cards
  3. Locally view work instructions and drawings for manufacturing tasks and deliver messages to operators.
  4. Restrict employees undertaking work they are not trained or assigned to complete
  5. Using this data, analysing where efficiency improvements can be made.
  6. Subsequently, analyse the effect of said efficiency improvements to derive their relative worth.
  7. Understand overall efficiency of the migration itself (thus it’s own ROI) and those further improvements it has helped to monitor.
  8. A solution that matched the mechanical constraints on site.

The key driver of this concept is of course to improve efficiency for client’s benefit, in terms of cost, yield and speed of manufacture – to increase competitive advantage.



Based on GeminiTec’s hardware requirements definition and budgets, DSL identified and supplied a proven industrial Panel PC platform that met their needs in its entirety – the PMX-090T.

DSL identified the most appropriate Operating System (WES 2009) and created a pre-installed image which contained the components necessary to achieve GeminiTec’s requirement.

GeminiTec developed the integration software that drove the objectives listed above and finalised the platform such that it was fit for purpose.

Both DSL and GeminiTec adhere rigidly to the standards set out by ISO 9001:2008 and the continual drive for improvements the standard dictates were driven forwards by this implementation.

A word from the client…

“DSL’s industrially suited and reliable hardware, combined with our own in house ERP manufacturing software have provided us a solid solution that has not only enabled us to monitor our manufacturing efficiency, but has made contributions itself” – Adam Harsant of GeminiTec

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