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Commend UK : Security & Access Control

Health and Safety remains the bedrock of any business whether its large or small, industrial or commercial. Without Health and Safety, you risk suffocating business progression ideas, building or expansion plans, finances because of potential legal issues and a good reputation which could quickly plummet.

So with safety for staff paramount for DSL’s customer Commend UK, their future task was to consider a project that allows an overview of all rooms, offices, staircases and lifts within their customers’ building complex, ensuring there is no outstanding security and safety issues.

The project itself ‘ComWIN’ demanded an industrial touchscreen PC, to monitor safety and environmental issues within the office grounds, which can effectively be dealt with as soon as possible, and as safely as possible.

For example, should there were to be a fire in the escalator or anywhere around it, the ComWIN will have the ability to disable the lift. The ComWIN also offers the ability to allow zooming in to specific areas of interest in 3D.

With a fast processor, capable of showing 3D graphics and high reliability vital, DSL and Commend UK settled on the APC-3229A-02 Panel PC. This offers 1080P display resolution with a Intel Core i5 processor, vandal proof touchscreen and guaranteed 24/7 reliability.

Similarly, this product is used across other Commend UK requirements, powering Smart Motorways on the M1, M6 and M6 toll here in the UK, so familiarity of the product was also a useful asset.

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