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These lightweight stainless-steel, front IP66/IP69K panel PCs can be panel or VESA mounted for a sleek built-in feel. Perfect for the food and beverage industry.

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  • 7″ – 21.5″
  • Intel Celeron – Intel Core i5
  • Front IP66/IP69K
  • Panel/VESA

Resolution/Aspect Ratio & Environment

The FABS range is available in a wide range of aspect ratios and resolutions to support the needs of new 16:9/16:10 and historic 4:3 applications. From 7”-21.5” screen sizes, with varying different resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, we have something to suit every need. With a stainless-steel bezel and die-cast aluminium rear, these slim, front IP66/69K rated systems are fanless, making them perfect for environments such as the food and beverage industry. The FABS range is manufactured to the highest standards, with a focus on reliability and longevity. All systems are supplied with an AC/DC PSU but support 9-36v DC power input if a supply is already present.

I/O & Mounting

All sizes feature down facing USB, LAN, and serial connections at the back of the unit, as well as a display out port (DP/HDMI) for dual screen support. Located on the I/O panel, there will also be a 2-pin connector to add a power button if required. For systems 10.1” and above, there are multiple I/O expansion boards available to increase connectivity. The FABS is compatible with both panel and VESA mounting to allow for seamless integration in any environment. Supplied with mounting lugs for easy panel mount installation, and a rubber gasket to ensure the front IP66/69K rating is retained. Depending on unit size, the VESA options will be 75×75 or 100×100 to conform with universal VESA brackets.


There are a wide range of processor options available to meet the demand of the application. These are all Intel based CPUs ranging from a Quad Core Celeron, to an 8th Gen Core i5. All low power systems are available in 7”-21.5”, whereas the Intel Core i3/i5 systems start at 12.1” due to heat generation and passive cooling.

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